What To Expect

To begin, we’ll explore what is bringing you to therapy. I’ll discuss your problem with you and tell you how I think I can help you. I’ll tell you whether I think you’ll need further sessions.

There are many paths that therapy can take. Together, we’ll discover how best to go about your therapy. Sessions last 50 minutes. Sometimes a few sessions are enough, e.g., if you’ve been in an armed robbery or a hijacking. For some the process can be longer, to deal with more deep-seated problems.

Deciding whether to consult a psychotherapist can be hard. No matter why you come, you can rely on my respect and compassion, and confidentiality is central to the way I work.

Charles Taylor wrote in Spiked online magazine (Jan 2016) that we’re always going towards or away from where we want to be. Change may be necessary to get on to the right track.

If you feel stuck in your relationships, or have hit a wobbly patch in your life, therapy can provide a welcoming space to talk about what’s making you unsure about yourself or others. Loss, grief and trauma can also take their toll. So can decisions about whether you’re straight or gay or transgender, whether to change jobs, marry your longtime partner, and many other dilemmas that are part of life and the foundation of therapy.

I believe getting therapeutic help should be an ordinary event – a normal part of life, as helpful and necessary – and accessible – as going to the doctor or dentist. You don’t have to have a ‘big’ problem to see a therapist, simply something you’d like to talk about: something that’s weighing on your mind which could use some expert attention. Therapy isn’t for the elite, it’s for everybody. We all tell stories about ourselves and others, and sometimes we have to stop and pay careful attention to these stories. They may be correct, or stale and need refreshing, and sometimes they’re plain wrong and we need new stories in order to make sense of what is happening in our lives.

I offer a safe, totally confidential space, an opportunity for you to explore and unload issues that are worrying you or getting you down. A one-on-one session allows an objective, non-judgmental space in which you can talk freely and openly about what’s on your mind; guided, all the while, with valuable insight from a trained professional.

I work from 2 different locations – 3 Sunglades, 8 John Ave, in Bedfordpark, which is near to Linksfield, Glenhazel, Edenvale, Bedfordview and surrounds. I have a second office at 11 Sussex Rd, Parkwood, quite close to the zoo, so accessible to people in Parktown, Parkview, Rosebank,Killarney, Saxonwold and thereabouts. I’m available online on skype for those who can’t come in to a session.

I’m a fully qualified clinical psychologist (Wits. MA. Clin. Psych.) registered with the HPCSA (PS 0027260 and PR 8615551)